Prevost Motor Coach 56 Passenger

white charter bus for Blue Diamond Transportation

The Prevost Motor Coach is one of the most beautiful and well-equipped bus that is ideal for long road trips. When you look at this coach for the first time, you will see a massive bus that looks sleek, classy, and luxurious from the exterior. But the exterior offers a slight glimpse of what really is on offer inside the Prevost Motor Coach.– from Blue Diamond Transportation.

Freightliner Mini-Bus 31 or 35 Passenger

a black freightliner minibus for group transporation

We are offering the Freightliner Mini-Bus for booking. This gorgeous mini-bus is not just appealing from the outside, but even more satisfying from the inside. The performance of this bus is also top-notch, making your ride more comfortable and relaxing — from Blue Diamond Transportation.