Your Guide To All Things Raleigh

Raleigh, NC is fast becoming one of the most popular metropolitan destinations in the US. Aside from being the capital, it is home to many arts and culture destinations, restaurants, amazing workshops, factories and more.

If you decide to visit Raleigh, NC, your visit should be nothing short of a rich experience. Don’t miss that warm southern hospitality that North Carolina’s capital city is famous for. Here are some of the most popular spots that you should definitely not miss on your next visit to Raleigh.

Videri Chocolate Factory

If you have a sweet tooth, this is one place that you should definitely stop by. Southerners have a love-love relationship with chocolate and they are not afraid to show it. This chocolate-factory-slash-shop bears testament to this fact. Visitors are allowed to see just how the delicious sweet treats are made. That’s right, you can just walk in on any of the stages of the chocolate making process and sample the sweetness.

NC’s Museum of Natural Sciences

It would be an injustice to this Museum to leave it out. Making its debut in 1879, the Museum of Natural Sciences is one of North Carolina’s oldest. It is known to be the largest museum dedicated to science in the South-Eastern region. Much of the spotlight at the Museum is taken by the exhibits of prehistoric wildlife and the development of geographical terrain. But if you are of strong heart and stomach, the “living conservatory” exhibit that features living tarantulas is the one to see.

Fiction Kitchen

Southern Carolina is typically associated with barbecue and meat (aside from chocolate that is). So it might surprise you when you find this cozy little spot for vegetarian dining. Fiction kitchen gives its diners meat and dairy-free dining options for traditional southern favorites such as chicken and waffles with cheddar grits. If you are lucky enough to stop by in September, when the Hopscotch festival is on, you can enjoy their annual specials.

The Raleigh Denim Workshop

Who says America’s textile sector is dead? This authentic and original Tarheel State denim manufacturer contends to prove otherwise. Not only does it manufacture Denim but designs it. Go to their downtown workshop and see “jean-smiths” busy making customized pairs of jeans on legacy (traditional) machines. You can even have one made for yourself. Next go to the warehouse called “The Curatory” which celebrates all textiles born and bred in N.C.

Trophy Brewing

The Raleigh craft-brewing scene has flourished over the past couple of years. Many breweries have popped up and are a hub of growing popularity. But when it comes to something different, Trophy Brewing takes the cake. To complement its craft-beer, they have coupled pizza into the mix. And who doesn’t love pizza? Other featured entrées include the Daredevil and the Local Celebrity, which you have to try for yourself.

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