The Sprinter Executive

The Mercedes Sprinter Executive is a one-of-a-kind van that is available for booking at Blue Diamond. This vehicle is not your ordinary van with unappealing features, uncomfortable interior, and poor performance. This van is impressive in all aspects including its exterior, engine, interior, performance, and more.

What’s more is that when you book our Mercedes Sprinter Executive, you get to go on an entertaining journey. The interior of this corporate van is equipped with a 5.8 inch screen that offers Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The seating material used for the Sprinter Executive is high quality and extremely comfortable, keeping your entire team feeling relaxed.

The Sprinter Executive is a spacious van that can easily carry a group of 13 people. There is enough space in the van to easily carry luggage. This gorgeous van truly lives up to its brand – Mercedes Benz. The exterior of this van is perfectly sleek, giving a real corporate feel. Whether it is a meeting or a trip to the factory, the Mercedes Benz Sprinter Executive is the car to drive you in style and complete comfort.

Features Include

  • Chauffeurs are professionally trained
  • Drug Testing and Background Checks of All Employees
  • Dispatch and Online Reservations 24/7/365
  • Corporate Billing / Expenses Available
  • GPS Equipped in Each Vehicle
  • Tele-Trac System tracking your vehicle from Start to Finish
  • Navigation in all vehicles
  • Flight Tracker – Commercial and Private